Terms and Conditions of Participation

Registration fee

  • For selected YNS

(including lectures, endovascular hands-on workshop, microsurgical anastomosis hands-on workshop, 3D "Live surgery", observing the cadaver workshop, accomodation and meals )


  • Participation as audience without workshops

(орг.взнос включает: лекции, "живая" хирургия 3D формате,  портфель участника, обеды 3дня, 1 торжественный ужин )


  • Participation in Hands-on Workshops.

1) Skull base hands-on workshop. Combined Transpetrosal Approach. Chief Coordinator Prof. T. Sameshima (vacant places 11)


2) Transnasal Endoscopic Approach. Chief Coordinator Prof. N. Saeki (vacant places 4)

3) Microsurgical anastomosis hands-on workshop. 

 (registration fee includes lectures, participation in the hands-on workshops, lunch (3 days), Gala dinner.


Deadline for registration September  25, 2014

Please, mind the period of visa processing.

In case of any questions please, contact Programme Coordinator

Aliya Bukhtoyarova This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Free of charge



10 000 Roubles

(300 USD)






52 000 Roubles

(1500 USD)


52 000 Roubles

(1500 USD)


18 000 Roubles

              (480 USD)








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